Products & Services

iTDP – integrated travel distribution platform

The iTDP has been built as a real time technology platform, providing real time availability & prices. It is a technology that enables product multi sourcing, best prices, highest availabilities and delivering the highest margins to businesses.

The User Management System/Rules Management System allows real time management of complex distribution hierarchies and scenarios. These unique subsystems allow businesses to set up the most complex business rules for suppliers, customers, prices, commissions, discounts, etc. to the most simplest, including the ability to mix commissionable and net pricing models.

The allocation subsystems intelligently manage product supply and as a result, increases yield objectives.

With the Master Data Management feature, the iTDP further enhances searchable and non-searchable content. This provides more choice and information to the booking agent and end customer.

Furthermore, the intelligent shopping mechanisms within the iTDP provide  agents and end customers full flexibility and shopping experience when searching and booking products.

Mobile Applications

Accessibility to real-time and accurate information whilst mobile is increasingly becoming a standard prerequisite for businesses and consumers alike. Mobile accessibility to business applications is radically changing the way companies do business, respond to customers and offer a more complete service to their customers.

With accessibility to mobile applications, productivity can be increased in all departments across a business. It is essential to recognize which applications within the business process will deliver the maximum commercial and service benefit. With a correct business strategy, selection of the most effective applications, and seamless integration and deployment, mobile applications can have a major impact on the performance of a business.

To this end, icondis is provides a standard suite of developed white label mobile applications, including applications for process management, information, search & book, after sales activities and customer service.

We strongly believe that the combination of sophisticated web applications, together with specific task oriented mobile applications is the future of online and offline product distribution.

Voice to Machine

The convergence of user interfaces is becoming increasingly dominant throughout ecommerce and beyond.

The icondis Virtual Travel Agent (VTA) is the first proven technology that is able to consolidate these different interfaces into a single platform.

VTA is a modular, scalable and an ubiquitous technology innovation for B2B and B2C businesses.

VTA’s Enhanced Human Machine Interaction Technology (EHMIT) enables the buying and selling of products
and services regardless of the type of platform or device. Portability across multiple industries such as Automotive, Travel & Hospitality, Retail & Consumer Products and more.

Transaction based monetisation through White Label Platforms supporting B2B and B2C market channels.

Software Development

Regardless of the level of software development required by businesses,  icondis has available a pool of over one hundred experienced software developers with in depth knowledge of distribution technology using the latest technical methodologies to deliver world class solutions.

All development projects are managed by Project Managers to ensure deadlines are met, financial commitments are not compromised and quality of deliverables is of the highest standards.

With the quality of resources and processes we have in place we are able to deliver large complex development projects to simple website projects.

This is a reflection of the business model we at icondis have established ensuring we provide our customers with the opportunity to further their business solutions with a qualified partner.

icondis offers a true “one-stop” shop whereby the standard iTDP platform can be developed, modified and enhanced to meet business requirements as required by businesses.

We provide a single point of contact with full accountability.